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The Lupus Academy has been committed to improving education in lupus since 2012 and, for 2022, promises to deliver many more insights into cutting edge developments in lupus research and clinical practice. We sincerely hope that you will be able to join us online or in Florence. The meeting will be taking place at the Hilton Florence Metropole hotel.

On behalf of the Lupus Academy Steering Committee
Andrea Doria and Eloisa Bonfa
Lupus Academy Chairs 2022

Meeting Programme Calls for Abstracts and Cases

The Lupus Academy Highlights Meeting China 2022 was held virtually in Chinese on Sunday February 27th, 2022. Please see here the link to the programme and URL catch up on the sessions of the meeting (free of charge) is

Workshops of our 2021 meeting are available as CME accredited online learning released every two weeks on Please see this page for more information.
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We are happy to report another successful roadshow, Lupus and Covid-19, held virtually under the guidance of Prof Sandra Navarra on 20th November 2021. The roadshow attracted 280 participants who found the topic highly relevant and interesting and the session very engaging. You can find the programme here or you can view a recording of the session proceedings here

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